m60026 Nice bag, congrats!

In Oklahoma I mainly see Speedy's & Mono NF really not that many seeing that we don't have a Boutique but there are afew ladies that I do come across that carry LV..... n41117

This is one of the bags I have been constantly considering but am worried about it scratching. A fellow TPF'r has one and her dog scratched it. I have a new puppy...doberman, so I doubt it will be in my collection for a while :( vuitton neverfull

 awesome shirts!!! Tankini 

Great bag!!!! louis vuitton white

 Neverfull all the way.. i have this bag and it works GREAT in a professional setting and when you need to carry loads and loads of whatever m95224 

m92994 thanks everyone. one more question, do you know how long to take for repair the handles?


m47520 I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag!!!